Tf2 Friendlies Wiki


Lazyneers are a friendly type of Engineer that stay in their rancho relaxo chair unless provoked. There are basic Lazyneers, but there are also Extreme Ranch Relaxo Engineers. This species is becoming less and less common with the release of the Dueling Banjo taunt.


Lazyneers only need one item, that being the rancho relaxo taunt. They are sometimes commonly seen with The Egghead's Overalls, along with The Level-Three Chin to mimic the "lazy appearance." Other than that, loadout doesn't matter.


Lazyneers tend to just sit in whatever place they find. Sometimes they will sit on their sentry and let it rack up kills while they do nothing at all. Some also like to build teleporter exits near cliffs or any other insta-kill area and will sit and watch people die after going through their teleporter. If you know a lazyneer is on your team, never take their teleporter.