Tf2 Friendlies Wiki

Pyrosharks are territorial creatures that are rarely friendly to other players. One of the least friendly of the friendly subclasses, they will attempt to kill you at any chance possible. Never underestimate how good a pyroshark can be and always check for pyros around corners when going into the water. Pyrosharks seem to be friendly with another species, the Hoovies. And if you try to be friendly that may or may not Except you, and you shouldn’t try it unless you have a death wish.

Pyroshark info[]

Pyrosharks swim around all bodies of waters, sneaking up on unwary mercs and dealing a fatal blow with the Neon Annihilator. The pyrosharks prioritize stealth during hunting in order to get the maximum amount of kills. Pyrosharks often make a nest in certain places like the lilypads on 2fort. These are where they retreat back to after a successful hunt. If there are multiple pyrosharks on a server, they will often share a nest with each other and even go on hunts together.

Pyrosharks are not often seen on land. This is due to the fact that the Annihilator will not crit when not in a natural pyroshark habitat. One could also say that the pyroshark just can't breathe on land as it is a water species. But as the pyroshark can also drown, the common stereotype pyrosharks fall under is amphibian.

Pyrosharks don't like being near non-pyroshark teammates. This is due to certain try-hards who get mad at our sharky friends for not following the objective. After the great friendly war, pyrosharks have been thrown out of society and wish nothing more than to continue hunting for prey.

Loadout and strategy[]

Pyrosharks always use the Neon Annihilator as their melee of choice. Primaries and secondaries can be anything, but you may choose the Thermal Thruster as your secondary, as you can use it to jump to ponds of water quickly.

A pyroshark in its nest, waiting for an idiot to fall in.