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A BLU Spycrab

The Spycrab is a rare sub-class of the Spy that involves an old visual glitch. The glitch occurs when a Spy crouches and looks directly upwards with his disguise kit out, causing his arms and legs to look strange. This makes him look like a crab walking, thus the name Spycrab.

Valve has seemed to have taken a liking to this abomination and added in things like the spycrab cosmetic, the spycrab taunt (seen below), and spy saying "I am the spycrab" during the mannrobics taunt.


The Spycrab's weapons and Sapper do not matter, as he is one of the most passive friendlies to exist.


Being easy prey, a Spycrab will get often get killed by Tryhards. A good way to prevent this is to equip the Dead Ringer, so if you can react quick enough you may survive.


As with most friendlies, looking silly and neighborly is important. It's also a good idea to equip the Spycrab cosmetic item.


Playing spycrab is easy to pull off. Just crouch walk and look up while holding your disguise kit out. Make sure you know the layout of the map, it's almost impossible to see where you're going.

The Spycrab taunt

The Spycrabs migration

Spycrab Gambling[]

When using the taunt while holding the Disguise Kit, there is a chance to use the Spycrab taunt. Sometimes Spycrabs have competitions to see who can get the Spycrab taunt first.

Spycrab Line[]

When many Spycrabs groups together, they will form great lines and march to another part of the map. These migrations are quite dangerous, as a tryhard could come out at any moment and start firing at them.

Dead Ringer Spycrab[]

Theorized to be the rarest subspecies of spycrab. They act exactly like a normal spycrab but will fake their death with the dead ringer, allowing for escape and continuing to live on. Due to tryhard pyros finding their meat delicious, they have been hunted to near extinction. Only ancient/outdated archives have managed to let us know of this specimen's existence.

Box spies[]

Box spies are a subclass of the Spycrab. They will use the taunt Box Trot and slowly move around, stopping whenever someone turns their way. While Box spies have a community themselves, lesser developed box spies will usually use both spycrab and Box Trot together.

Box spy's render


The Spycrabs, although quite rare, have been seen around every map but 2Fort is their most inhabited location. The Spycrabs go there despite the amount of friendly-hungry tryhards located there waiting for prey.